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Resurrect by Realization, Self Realization


               The Divine term Yoga is not an unknown term for anyone as many of our saints and laurels spread the concept of Yoga and its divine effects to mankind. We are not going to stand on the exceptional side; neither to define it again. Just we are going to itemize the concept of yoga into Self-Realization.

Self-realization means neither being self-confidence, nor being putting faith on themselves, but it means the combination of putting self-confidence, along with self-answering capabilities of queries mired in your souls. In nutshell, self-realization is a continuous path which starts with knowing your yardstick and prolonged towards your own success, and self realization is traversing your innate abilities towards the triumph.

Learning Process


There will be a benchmark with every person, point of reference, to make that others to know, first themselves they have to feel the Yardstick, this the first step of self-realization.


One should put Oath on themselves, and after that make others to put oath on you. Start to feel ones innate abilities and the inner power. This is the carrying forward step of ones journey of self-realization.


The next step is to make a strategy of how to implement your uniqueness, personal potential towards the successful career path.


The final step of your journey, Accomplishments thru self-realization, in this stage not only you are attaining your goals, but also will become icon to others and make them to realize themselves.

These are the basic steps of achieving your goals thru self-realization.


          Self-realization thru yogasanas.

          Holistic benefits through simple asanas.

       Make mankind to feel better from impetuous feelings, prolonged them away from Atrocious situations, and fear of future career.


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