R.K. Venkatesan

Serene Yoga Mentor



             To educate the concept of self-realization with every person, and preaching the Excellency of yoga, and regular training and practicing of the same. To heal a person without medicine by taking natural foods.

12 years of thorough experience in yoga related spiritual services.

7 years of experience in taking counseling individual yoga training & individual counseling in yoga therapy.

2 years of experience in taking training to school kids.

  Educational Qualification

Pursuing Masters in Yoga Therapy from Bhoj University, Madhya Pradesh, India

Diploma in Yoga Therapy certified by Indian School of Yoga, Chennai, India

B.A. World History from Madras University, India


Holistic benefits through simple asanas;

Observation, concentration, enhancing memory techniques

Teaching Skills of Tranquil Techniques thru yogasana methods


To feel thyself, and making of creative world through innate abilities

To eliminate the ailment of physical body and to remove the illusion of psychological body.

Instigating Spiritual Concepts thru the divine concept of Yoga.

Counseling the serene way of Life thru Simple asanas

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